Scotland Outdoors

Back in March 2022 I was invited to talk with Helen Needham of BBC Radio Scotland about place, about time, and my approach to the landscape. We took a walk up an often over-looked hill in Aberdeenshire that has been the focus and the start-point of my writing about landscape and how it shapes us. In this episode you can join us as we explore the hill and its histories, and listen to the conversation that resulted.

Download the podcast here.

Or you can listen to it on BBC Radio Sounds.

2 thoughts on “Scotland Outdoors

  1. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the Scotland Outdoors podcast, and enjoyed this one in particular. I have driven the backroads and hiked some of the hills in that area during each of my four trips to Scotland. I have always thought that my connection was through family history, but It somehow went deeper. Listening to you talk about the voices of the land there, all I could do was say, “Yes.”.
    Thank you.


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