Each place, each time, waymark the stories of our lives. Like a pebble plucked from a beach, or a feather caught on a sleeve, we carry them with us, wishing to hold on to something that has passed.

From Place and Time: A Journey Home – work in progress. Ian Grosz

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  1. Hi Ian
    Greetings fae da far Nort
    Enjoyed your stravaig up Barra Hill yestreen and loved your appreciation o deep time. I was brocht up
    on the ootskirts o the toon but went tae scule in Inverurie. Many bittersweet memories but like you
    I heard the voices frae the yird.
    Tak care and keep scrievin.


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    • Hey Eoin – thanks, and I can hear the Orcadian through your words – you’re settled in up there then, and what a lovely place to settle! I was up there in 2017 and keen to get back, but aye, the hill has been a draw for me for several years now – set me on a journey: a key that has unlocked a door into the landscape. Thanks so much for getting in touch!


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