Ian Grosz

Research and Writing 

Ian Grosz is a researcher and writer based in the northeast of Scotland. He first studied Environmental Geography at the University of Aberdeen in the mid-nineties, fostering a sensibility for the landscape that has continued to shape his thinking. After a twenty-year career flying helicopters Ian returned to university to study Social Anthropology and then Creative Writing, graduating with Distinction in 2019. 

His non-fiction work encompasses literary, academic and imaginative styles to explore the intersection between place, identity, landscape and memory. Published across a range of magazines, journals and anthologies both in print and online, a list of recent publication can be found on the site. 

Ian has worked collaboratively with projects in writing, exhibition and film and is currently working toward a PhD in Creative Writing with the University of Aberdeen, funded through a New King’s Studentship awarded in 2020. The project focuses on a narrative non-fiction work of prose, taking an autoethnographic approach to landscape and place to explore the ways in which landscapes help to shape a sense of who we are. Combining landscape writing with travelogue and memoir, the narrative draws from literature, history, archaeology, anthropology and cultural geography for its underpinning themes.  

Brought up in the northwest of England, Ian has lived in the US, Ireland and the Outer Hebrides, but settled in the northeast of Scotland in 2007 with his wife Trish and their irascible cat Tinks. Groundings is a digital archive and blog-site for Ian’s past and current work.

Notable Projects

Four Rivers Deep
A contributing chapter in the cross-border collaborative deep mapping project between the University of Aberdeen and Curtin University, edited by Dr. Jo Jones of Curtin University and due for publication by UWAP in 2022. 

Trading Faces
An independent, creative social documentary project funded by Aberdeen Council and Robert Gordon’s University for the Aberdeen Look Again Visual Arts Festival 2019 in collaboration with photographer Steve Smith.

An international anthology of writing on Time and Change through the Aberdeen-Curtin University Alliance, published by UWAP in 2018. 


Ian is open to any collaborative creative project centred around landscape and place, but is particularly interested in placemaking and the ways in which we use story to make sense of the world. Having held a position as a creative writing tutor for Aberdeenshire Council, Ian is available for general writing workshops and workshops specifically exploring writing through place.

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