A Selection of Recent and Past publications are listed here.

The Clearing – An online journal of nature, landscape and place published by Little Toller Books in Dorset and edited by Jon Woolcott.

My essay ‘Sacred Mountain‘ featured in February 2022. It explores Aberdeenshire’s most iconic hill and notions of the sacred in context with the landscape.

Echtrai Edition 1 – Launched 09th February 2022 by AnMór Studio.

A Journal of writing on landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, mythic.

My essay ‘The Stones of Bourtie’ explores the layers of time and memory held in the land through a walk across an ancient right of way that traverses an Iron Age hill fort.

Elsewhere: A Journal of place.

Paul Scraton’s now online-only blog on place – various articles spanning 2018-present. Click on the image to read recent work.

Epoch Magazine

The University of Lancaster’s History community magazine. Publishing research in an accessible format, the magazine encompasses a wide range of writing with an historical bent.

My piece ‘In Search of High Ground‘ explores the prehistoric burial mound Belas Knap in Gloucestershire as part of a wider context speculating on the emergence of place.

Pause: Writing on Time and Change

The Aberdeen- Curtin University Alliance Anthology of Postgraduate Student Writing.

My piece, ‘Orkney: where past is present’ is a reflective travelogue exploring the richness of the islands’ Neolithic past.

Causeway / Cabhsair Magazine

A Magazine of Irish and Scottish Writing.

Flash-fiction, poetry and essay, featuring in Volumes 9, 9.2, 10.2, & 11

Prole Magazine

Literary Prose and Poetry Journal edited by the wonderful Brett Evans and Phil Robertson. They hold no punches.

My pyschogeographic essay ‘Field Notes from a City’ featured in Issue 24.

Southlight Literary Magazine

A Literary and Arts magazine based in Dumfries edited by John Burns, Vivien Jones and Angus Macmillan.

Issue 31 features my essay ‘Return to Lewis’ with accompanying images. I read my featured poetry for the launch of issue 26 at the 2019 Wigtown Book Festival. Issue 24 features my essay ‘Language and Identity in Scottish Literature: The Makar Poets and the Making of Tradition.’

The Lighthouse Journal

A literary journal of new writing, championing new voices and experimental forms.

My short story ‘Panning for Gold’ featured in the special Flash Fiction edition, available by clicking on the cover image above.

The Lamp Journal

A literary journal dedicated to publishing the work of graduate students worldwide.

My Flash Fiction story ‘The Dreamless Dark’ featured in Volume 8, available as a download from the Lamp Journal shop. To order a copy or to see details of the Volume, click on the image above.